Faster browsing, easier typing and better usability for your smart TV.

MyTeletouch USB Dongle

Turn your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard and joystick for your smart TV, game consoles and PC.


MyTeletouch is everything you ever wanted for your smart devices. MyTeletouch USB Dongle turns your smartphone into a wireless keyboard, mouse and joystick for your smart TV, gaming consoles, PC and notebook.  

We are enabling people to improve their experience by creating a technology which gives them easy and nice way to use their smart TVs. We are re-inventing the smart remote by adding it in to your pocket.

Control any device

  • Easy browsing on your Smart TV with our mouse feature
  • Switch to keyboard and see how fast and simply you can type on your smart TV or any other device
  • Play games by turning your phone into a joystick for your gaming consoles
  • Control your PC from distance – turn it off from your bed or browse while lying in your sofa – it’s all up to you

  • Compatible with all your favorite smart devices

    You can use MyTeletouch USB Dongle on various smart devices - smart TV, PC, notebooks, PS3, OUYA gaming console and Raspberry Pi.

    All platform support

    Communication between phone and USB stick is done via Bluetooth LE 4.0 and we have application for each major mobile platform - Android, IOS, Windows Phone. App support for Android 4.3 or higher, IOS and Windows Phone 8.1. Bluetooth LE 4.0 support required on the phone.



    Plug & Play ready

    MyTeletouch is extremely easy to use. It takes only 3 steps to install: